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A full service tattoo and piercing shop

Soloman, a name that evokes wisdom and peace. Solo-man one man, one mission. Creativity has always been part of my life from music to art. I had aspirations of being a musician yet art continued to call me. I took various jobs in the industry positioning myself to be seen and heard. Marketing and promotions, street team, messenger even public relations. One day I was given an opportunity to manage a tattoo parlor and art found me again. Making supply runs and helping the artists prepare for each customer that came in, I began sketching stencils to make their job easier. Little did I know that would be my introduction. At that point, I also learned body piercing still not thinking of becoming a tattoo artist. While drawing a design for a customer I was asked why I never tried to do a tattoo and was met with an interesting answer "he would never be good at it." That was all the inspiration I needed. From that day I decided not only would I be a tattoo artist but I would make a career of it. 8 years later the birth of The Ink. My hard work and dedication allowed me to open my own business. The owl represents wisdom and knowledge. Everything is full circle. Soloman Grungi. One man, one mission.

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